Nokturnal Mortum - Eleven Years Among The Sheep [2004]

Band: Nokturnal Mortum
Album: Eleven Years Among The Sheep
Year: 2004
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Folk Symphonic Black Metal, NSBM
Lyrical Themes: Nature, Paganism, Ukrainian folklore, NS
Disc 1
1.Prolog: Doors Into Childhood
2.Into Subconscious World (deathbalad)
3.Misty Past
4.Illusions' Kingdom
5.Where Rivers Flow Into The Seas
6.Cry Of Ukraina
7.Celestial Silver
9.My Nation
10.And Winter Becomes
11.Tears Of Paganism
12.Lunar Poetry
13.Carpathian Mysteries
15.Unholy Orathania
16.On The Moonlight Path
Disc 2
1.To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire
2.The Forgotten Ages Of Victories
3.Into The Flames Of Wooden Churches
4.Black Raven
5.Jesus' Blood
6.The Call Of Aryan Spirit
7.Weltanschauung (live)
8.Black Raven (live)
9.Into The Flames Of Wooden Churches (live)
10.Perun's Celestial Silver (live)

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