Kroda - Live in Lemberg [2008]

Band: Kroda
Album: Live In Lemberg
Year: 2008
Country: Ukraine
Genre: Pagan Folk Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Heathenism, History, Nature
1. Kroda (Intro)
2. From Behind The Horizon
3. How Steel Was Singing Through The Flames Of Fire
4. Wind From The Mountains
5. By A Hammer Of Spirit And Identity Of Blood
6. Revenge Flaming Might of Blazing Steel
7. Where Mountains are Embraced by Shadows
8. Cry to Me, River...
9. Der Scharlachrote Tod
10. Poppyflowers are Blossoming (Chapter II)
11. Oy na Hori...
12. Der Scharlachrote Tod (Encore)
13. Wind From The Mountains (Encore)